Easter Island Blog – Now live on Calm

June 13, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

So you’ve been lulled to sleep by Phoebe’s Exploring Easter Island ‘Sleep Story’ on the Calm app – now read about the adventure behind it in her article Amid the Moai. As part of her ongoing role as Sleep Storyteller-in-Residence, every month she writes a blog for calm.com telling an otherwise untold story about her … Read More

Celebrating Wander Woman Katherine Routledge

June 5, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Phoebe is always keen to share the stories of fellow Wander Women and was utterly captivated in Easter Island when she uncovered the story of British Victorian lady Katherine Routledge. It was her tireless interviewing of Rapa Nui elders that allow anthropologists and archeologists to know as much as they do about the culture that … Read More

Tracking Puma in Patagonia

May 10, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Last November Phoebe set out in search of the Patagonian puma, an endangered big cat that is often illegally killed by gauchos – hired by farmers who want to prevent them from hunting their sheep. But the thing is sheep are introduced, before Europeans took them there the pumas would have lived on guanaco who … Read More

Wander Woman Podcast – is now live!

May 5, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Phoebe is thrilled to announce that her Wander Woman Podcast – an audio travel magazine – is now available to download. Join her for life on the road where she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts … Read More