Phoebe has been a writer for over 12 years, starting in newspapers, moving to magazines and now writes for all mediums including broadcast, books, TV and podcast.

Though she has seen the way the media works change over the years she is adamant that there will always be a need for good writers and that travel writing is an amazingly privileged opportunity to highlight areas and issues not covered elsewhere in the news in an engaging and effective way to make people actually care about people, wildlife and the environment.

In 2018 she co-founded the Wilderness Conspiracy with her good friends Daniel Neilson and John Summerton who produced the Travel Writer’s Field Guide book, blog, podcast and live events. They are currently working on several new exciting projects where good storytelling, excellent photography and award-winning design are at the forefront.

She will post updates of latest articles, broadcasts and publications on her News feed so keep following for updates.