Phoebe is thrilled to announce that her Wander Woman Podcast – an audio travel magazine – is now available to download. Join her for life on the road where she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity every month.

Episode 1 – Wild Waters Run Deep

Wander with Phoebe as she explores Florida’s wild west – diving for fossilised shark teeth, swimming with manatees, birdwatching close to the city of Sarasota and seeking out the Sunshine State’s iconic alligators – well away from the theme parks. Learn how to sleep well on a long haul flight, meet a former political prisoner in South Africa’s Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held, discover the world’s best close encounters of the wildlife kind, how to buy the perfect travel hoodie (in association with Rohan), hear about Lev Wood’s ongoing mission to find some downtime and learn about our Wander Woman of the month – Katherine Routledge who helped us understand the origins of the Easter Island moai.

Florida’s iconic species, the humble alligator, is one of many wildlife encounters that can be experienced in the Sunshine State

Chapter 1 – Florida’s Wild West

You probably wouldn’t want to swim with a megladon – the prehistoric shark that was the same length as a bowling alley (18m / 59ft) – but finding a fossilised tooth of this now extinct creature is something of a bucket list for a small number of visitors to Sarasota. Phoebe takes you under the waves to see what she can dig up, before going in search of some modern days meat eaters that are very much alive…

Coming face to face with a manatee and Florida’s wild side © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 2 – Sleeps on a plane

No one would ever say that sleeping on a jumbo jet is comfy – unless you’re lucky enough to get an upgrade to a lie-flat bed –  but there are a few things you can do to make life just a little easier.

Plane travel can be quick but how do we get adequate rest on one? © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 3 – Hidden Hero: Sparks

Phoebe shared a mind-blowing encounter she had on Robben Island prison just off the shores of Cape Town, where a former inmate talks torture, the difficulties of going back to ‘normal’ life and forgiveness.

The Hidden Hero of the month is Sparks, a former political prisoner held in Robben Island, South Africa, who now gives tours around the site © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 4 – Top 10: Close Encounters… of the Wildlife Kind

We serve up a chart-topping selection of wildlife experiences every traveller should have – from cage diving with saltwater crocodiles in Australia to walking with rhinos in Nepal – but what will be number 1, and have you done it yet?

Meeting grey whales in Baja, Mexico – a magical experience. But does it make the Top 10 Wildlife Encounters? © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 5 – Wander Woman’s Guide to… Hoodies (in association with Rohan)

Learn what to look for in this underrated travel staple and find out how the Trail Hooded Top stood up to the test on assignment in Florida. And get a special discount with Rohan’s exclusive code for Wander Woman listeners.

Phoebe tests out Rohan’s Trail Hooded Top (above) and offers expert tips on what to look for when you buy one © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 6 – Levison Wood

We meet Britain’s own Wander Man, adventurer and author Lev Wood to discuss the power of travel, walking for fun and what he never leaves home without.

Wander Woman Phoebe meets Levison Wood © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 7 – Wander Woman of the Month – Katherine Routledge

Hear the story of the woman whose name you should know but don’t. Katherine Routledge put Easter Island on the map through her tireless quest to look beyond the giant moai statues to try to understand the people behind them.

Our Wander Woman of the Month is Katherine Routledge, without whom many of the secrets behind the Easter Island moai heads would have been lost © Phoebe Smith

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