Episode 9 of Phoebe’s Wander Woman Podcast, called “Waymaking”, is now available to listen to online or download for free. In her monthly, audio travel magazine she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity. Come wander with her…

Chapter 1 – Canada’s wild Torngats

Phoebe’s Wander Woman correspondent Daniel Neilson take a trip to where few others venture – the remote Torngat National Park, in the Canadian Province of Labrador and Newfoundland (in association with Destination Canada). He was drawn to the place with the promise of polar bears, icebergs as big as skyscrapers and sprawling, snow-capped peaks. But what he found most captivating were the Inuit people, who are now fighting to memorialise their ancestors after being forcibly removed from their island homes by missionaries in the 1950s. Perhaps most incredible was the sense of forgiveness shown and kindness and welcoming spirit to any who choose to venture this far north…

Journey with us to the Torngat Mountains National Park a true Canadian outpost © Daniel Neilson

Chapter 2 – Travel Hack: How to haggle in a souk

Phoebe shares a decade’s worth of haggling prowess to ensure that when you next travel to a bazaar or souk both the vendor and you leave with smiles on your faces.

Learn the tricks of the trade to haggle like a pro in your next souk © Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Chapter 3 – Hidden Hero: Jackson, I Was Shot In Jo’Burg

This month Phoebe meets former street kid Jackson, in South Africa, who is a key part of a pioneering project to teach those underprivileged children sleeping rough to turn their life around through learning to shoot with cameras rather than guns.

I Was Shot in Jo’Burg is giving street kids the chance to turn their lives around © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 4 – Top 10: Cities with a side-helping of wilderness

From cycling to skiing, watersports and wildlife watching – Phoebe reveals the 10 best urban centres across the globe from where to easily and quickly access the outdoors.

Want a metropolis with a side of mountains? Look no further with our Top 10 © Lee Robinson / Unsplash

Chapter 5 – Wander Woman’s Guide to… Bug Repellent clothing (in association with Rohan)

In her monthly Gear chat, Phoebe ensures you avoid a kit-astrophe on your next trip to destinations where biting insects thrive as she searches the best travel shirt with sun protection and insect repellency…  PLUS you can get a 10% discount off all your Rohan gear with an exclusive code for Wander Woman listeners revealed in the podcast.

Want to beat the bugs? Listen up to Phoebe’s monthly gear slot.. © E Kamelev / Unsplash

Chapter 6 – Helen Glover

Famed for winning the first gold for Team GB in the London Olympics in 2012 Helen Glover MBE, who is also the holder of several world records for rowing, chats to Phoebe about how much of the world she actually got to explore when working as a full-time professional athlete, and how travelling with her children has helped her to slow down and enjoy the destination rather than the journey.

Phoebe (centre) chats with Helen (centre, left) to talk travel essentials © Steve Backshall / One Wild Night

Chapter 7 – Wander Woman of the Month – Bessie Coleman

Hear the story of the traveller who should be a household name but isn’t, simply because of her gender. This month we give the Wander Woman treatment to aviator Bessie Coleman who was not only a pioneer in pushing equal rights for women, but, also, in the fight for BAME people too.

Meet Bessie Coleman – pilot, risk taker and a true change-maker © Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – Smithsonian Nationalair and Space Museum / Creative Commons

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