Episode 7 of Phoebe’s Wander Woman Podcast “In Search of Silence” is now available to listen to online or download for free. In her monthly, audio travel magazine she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity. Come wander with her…

Chapter 1 – Whales: Meet Me Don’t Eat Me
Say Iceland to many and they’ll picture black sand beaches, smoking fumaroles from the volcanic ground, calving glaciers and, possibly, the Blue Lagoon – a mineral-rich geothermal spa that is, admittedly often hard to make out from all the tourists. When most people visit the country they head straight to the capital of Reykjavick and then undertake the famous ‘Golden Triangle Tour’ visiting most of the aforementioned places and no more. But those who like adventure – of the silent kind – are now looking further afield. Way up on the northern coast of the country is a small town called Husavik. Once famed for whale hunting, it was the first place in Iceland to start whale watching instead in an effort led by conservationists to show locals that whales are worth more alive. This episode Phoebe heads there to try their new carbon-nerutral silent electric boat tours, an initiative that’s not only proving popular with tourists, but with crew and the ceteceans too…

Phoebe has a close encounter with a humpback whale in Husavik, Iceland © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 2 – Travel Hack: Make a travel movie on your phone that people will actually want to watch

Phoebe shares her hard won tips to to making a travel short on your next trip, one that you can ensure people will actually take the time to watch, from start to finish.

Discover how to make a movie on your phone with the Travel Hack of the Month © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 3 – Hidden Hero: Sylvia Cloutier (in association with Destination Canada)

This month Phoebe’s Wander Woman correspondent and podcast producer Daniel Neilson meets Sylvia Cloutier – an Inuit throat singer based in Nunavut. She’s been working hard to bring back the cultural tradition in Canada which was nearly lost once missionaries came to the country.

Sylvia Cloutier and her throat singing partner © Daniel Neilson

Chapter 4 – Top 10: Most Calming Destinations and Experiences on the Planet

From the lavender fields of Provence to Chitwan National Park in Nepal and the Norwegian fjors, Phoebe reveals the best places for a slow and mindful adventure.

Discover the most calming destinations on the planet © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 5 – Wander Woman’s Guide to… Foldaway Rucksack (in association with Rohan)

In her monthly dose of Gear talk, Phoebe talks about her experience using a nifty foldaway rucksack, perfect to take in your luggage just in case you discover a local trail or fancy a stroll in a new city.  PLUS you can get a 10% discount on your Rohan gear with an exclusive code for Wander Woman listeners revealed in the podcast.

Need a ‘just-in-case’ rucksack to take with you on your travels? Rohan has the answer © Kalisa Veer / Unsplash

Chapter 6 – Dwayne Fields

Adventurer and the first black Briton to walk to the North Pole, Dwayne Fields, catches up with Phoebe to explain how he turned his life around from the streets to the peaks after one fateful night.  He also talks changing the face of adventure and why he joined Phoebe to set up the #WeTwo Foundation to help change young people’s lives through adventure.

Phoebe talks adventure with her polar teammate Dwayne Fields © Team #WeTwo

Chapter 7 – Wander Woman of the Month – Ada Blackjack

Hear the story of the traveller who should be a household name but isn’t, simply because of her gender. This month it’s Ada Blackjack who was the only survivor of a botched British expedition to the remote Arctic Wrangel Island. She was dubbed the ‘Female Robinson Crusoe’ only then to have her name besmirched.

Wander Woman of the Month – Ada Blackjack, pictured with the rest of the doomed expedition team to Wrangel Island. © Internet archive: Public Domanin

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