Episode 5 of Phoebe’s Wander Woman Podcast “Beyond the end of the road” is now available to listen to online or download for free. In her monthly, audio travel magazine she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity. Come wonder with her…

Episode 5 – Beyond the end of the road (in association with Destination Canada)

Join Wander Woman Phoebe Smith as this month she takes a cargo boat along Quebec’s isolated Lower North Shore, in Canada, a place that relies of a ship to deliver goods and people between 12 remote communities; find out how to stay on the road for longer with her hard-won travel hack; open your mind as Phoebe reveals the top 10 most mythical creatures said to roam the earth – and explains where to see them; meet Roberto Klabin, of Brazil’s Caiman Ecological Refuge, as he tells how he’s trying to save the Pantanal’s jaguars; find out which is the best travel top for your next trip, thanks to gear experts, Rohan; hear why Australia truly got under the skin of light artist Bruce Munro – creator of the Field of Light in Uluru; and meet our Wander Woman of the Month – Bertha Benz – who undertook the world’s first road trip and was vital to the forming of the largest car makers in the world.

Phoebe takes the Bella Desgagnes to explore the isolated communities of Quebec’s Lower North Shore © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 1 – Quebec’s Lower North Shore

Between the Canadian towns of Sept-Iles and Blanc Sablon there is no continuous road to connect them and so the residents rely on a vessel called the Bella Desgagnes to bring them vital supplies and take them to urgent appointments. Now intrepid travellers can join this cargo boat too to experience a slice of life beyond the end of the road. Phoebe journeys on it from Blanc Salon and experiences first hand the pros and cons of living in places where the weather is truly in control of the boat’s schedule…

Phoebe begins her journey to Canada’s province of Quebec at the remote community of Blanc Sablon © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 2 – Travel Hack: Travel for Longer

If you want to extend your travels (and help the environment while you do – saving on taking multiple flights) then you need Phoebe’s Travel Hack of the Month – this time on how you can afford to stay on the road for longer.

Go for longer and you can experience a place in more depth and help the environment © Unsplash

Chapter 3 – Hidden Hero: Roberto Klabin

We have all seen the fires in Brazil’s Amazon recently, deforestation is happening at an alarming rate in one of South America’s largest countries but there is hope. Down in the Pantanal one man has been trying to demonstrate to his cattle ranching neighbours that preserving natural forests and thereby saving the wildlife that live within them is good for the planet and the pocket.

Roberto Klabin is trying to show that jaguar’s in the Pantanal are worth more alive © Prashant Saini / Unsplash

Chapter 4 – Top 10: The world’s most Mythical Creatures… and where to find them

From the Wendigo to the Selkie, Le Cheval Mallet to the Mongolian Death Worm, Phoebe describes 10 of the most incredible mythical beasts from around the globe.

White horses are beautiful but if you’re hiking in France, beware Le Cheval Mallet – one of the most mythical creatures in the world © Tiago Almedida / Unsplash

Chapter 5 – Wander Woman’s Guide to Travel Tops (in association with Rohan)

In her monthly dose of Gear Geekery, Phoebe talks Travel Tops – and more specifically why you need a travel vest in your life. PLUS you can get a 10% discount on your Rohan gear with an exclusive code for Wander Woman listeners revealed in the podcast.

Wander Woman Phoebe loves a good travel vest – listen to her explain what to look for before you buy © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 6 – Bruce Munro

Light artist Bruce Munro found fame with his large scale light installation – Field of Light – which is found at Uluru in Australia. He met up with Phoebe on a recent visit to London to talk about how travel and the people he meets inspires his work and why the light we capture in photos is actually capturing a piece of the past…

Bruce Munro – artist behind the Field of Light at Uluru (above) talks light and why it’s so inspiring © Bruce Munro

Chapter 7 – Wander Woman of the Month – Bertha Benz

Hear the story of the traveller who should be a household name but isn’t, simply because of her gender. This month it’s Bertha Benz who pioneered the Road Trip by undertaking the first one ever in a Motorwagen in Germany – which saw the start of one of the largest car companies in the world. Yet it’s her husband who gets all the glory… we try to change that.

Learn about the lady who undertook the world’s first road trip – Bertha Benz © Taneli Lahtinen / Unsplash

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