Episode 2 of Phoebe’s Wander Woman Podcast is now available to listen to and download. In her  monthly, audio travel magazine she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity every month.

Episode 2 – Off The Rails

Wander with Phoebe Smith as she travels by sidecar, train then tuk-tuk between Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa. She went to experience the classic Blue Train – a meandering and luxurious railway ride – but found truly captivating stories outside its carriages. Learn how to beat the dreaded jet lag with Phoebe’s hard won travel hack of the month, meet the pioneering first female scuba dive instructor in Jordan (a place where many from on women undertaking adventures), whet your appetite for slow travel with the best train rides in the work, discover how a travel skirt could be more of use than you think (in association wit Rohan), old skool explorer Benedict Allen bears his soul (and a little more…)  in a store cupboard when he meets Wander Woman, and learn about our Freya Stark, our Wander Woman of the Month, who mapped parts of the Middle East before any other European had even ventured there.

Taking a motorcycle and sidecar is just one of the ways Phoebe chooses to explore the expanse of South Africa © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 1 – South Africa by any means…

Most people have heard of the Blue Train – which recently went from a one to a two night experience – so when Phoebe was offered a chance to experience it she jumped at it. But she soon found herself captivated and inspired by her encounters outside her cabin. Join her as she travels by sidecar, on foot and tuk-tuk to discover a country and its people filled with hope, alongside endemic (and very cute) penguins, street art and song.

Meeting the South African Penguins of Boulders Beach © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 2 – Beating Jetlag

Always wake up at the wrong time? Get hungry in the night? Can’t sleep? Jet lag can ruin the first few days of your holiday – but not with these hard won tips.

Yes, you can travel AND beat jet lag – we promise… © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 3 – Hidden Hero: Waed

Phoebe shares a chance encounter she had with Jordanian woman Waed, the first (and only one of two) female scuba dive instructors in the primarily Muslim country, here how she had to go against many of the local community’s beliefs and why she dives wearing a headscarf.

Did you know there are only two female dive instructors in Jordan? Phoebe speaks to the first… © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 4 – Top 10:  Train Journeys

Hear our chug-chug-chug-tastic selection of train journeys every traveller should take – from crossing Australia, to reuniting Vietnam, falling asleep in London and waking in the Scottish Highlands – but which is best? And, more importantly, have you got your ticket…?

The Ghan stretches across Australia between Darwin and Adelaide – but is it the best train ride in the world? There’s only one way to find out… © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 5 – Wander Woman’s Guide to… Travel Skirts (in association with Rohan)

Phoebe never thought she’d be the type of traveller to benefit from a skirt but – this one proved her wrong. Learn its myriad uses and why you really should consider one (yes, even if you’re a man…). And get a 10% discount with Rohan’s exclusive code for Wander Woman listeners.

Phoebe rocking her travel skirt on her diving trip at the Red Sea (she passed her Advanced PADI certification, hence the ‘A’, whilst simultaneously being able to get changed under her new fave piece of travel gear

Chapter 6 – Benedict Allen

We meet – slightly eccentric (in the nicest possible way) – long-time explorer Benedict Allen who talks returning to places you visited as a youth, becoming a man as strong as a crocodile and… why a reusable straw is his go to travel item.

Phoebe and Benedict catching up in Standords store cupboard – as you do © Phoebe Smith

Chapter 7 – Wander Woman of the Month – Freya Stark

Hear the story of the woman whose name you should know but probably don’t. This month it’s Freya Stark who learned Arabic, travelled solo across the Middle East, befriended women in harems to access information from powerful men and mapped parts of Arabia where no European had ever ventured before.

Phoebe channels her inner Freya Stark in the Middle East – also travelling alone and camping out with the Bedouin

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