I am available as a speaker to talk adventure travel, UK travel, walking, backpacking, wild camping, women in the outdoors and much more. Here are a few of my upcoming talks:

Adventure Travel Film Club
March 30th 2016
Time: 6.30pm
Tickets: TBC
Venue: Picturehouse Central, London
More info here

Wild Adventures
March 19th 2016
Time: 6.30pm-9pm
Tickets: TBC - Charity fundraising event
Venue: Waterstones, St Albans
More info TBC

Previous talks/workshops include:

Stanfords Travel Writers Festival, Destinations Show 2016: Wild Adventures, with Sean Conway, Al Humphreys and Elsa Hammond
Adventure Travel Show London (January 2016): Mountain Days and Bothy Nights; Wanderlust Travel Writing Workshops; Gear of the Year (Presenter) with Julia Bradbury
Tales of Adventure, Covent Garden London (November 2015): Bothy Days and Wild Nights 
Explorers Connect, Covent Garden London (September 2015): Bothy Days and Wild Nights 
Stanfords, Covent Garden London (September 2015): Adventures in Wild Britain  
Rutland (August 2015): Finding Wild Places in Britain  
Adventure Travel Film Festival, London (August 2015): Travel Writing Workshops tutor   
WOW Talks,
 Shoreditch House, London (July 2015): What do you do with your 5-9?
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards Presentation,
St James's Palace, London (June 2015): Special Guest Presenter
Evening of Endeavour,
Royal Thames Yacht Club, London (June 2015): Wild Nights: Camping Britain's Extremes
Ellis Brigham (May 2015): Wilderness Weekends and Wild Nights
Snow+Rock (April 2015): Extreme Sleeps and Wild Nights – part of Inspire your Adventure with Phoebe Smith and Al Humphreys
Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (March 2015): Finding Adventure in Britain and Introduction to Travel Writing
Telegraph Outdoor and Adventure Travel Show London (January 2015): Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventures in Britain's Rugged Corners
Adventure Travel Show London (January 2015): Wilderness Weekends: Wild Adventures in Britain's Rugged Corners; Long Distance Walking: Are You Tough Enough?; Wanderlust Travel Writing Workshops; Gear of the Year (Presenter)
Kendal Mountain Festival Kendal Mountain Festival Lake District (November 2014): Creative Travel Writing Workshops
Explore 2014 Royal Geographical Society, London (November 2014): Speaker Media Workshop
Buxton Adventure Festival Peak District (October 2014): Introduction to Adventure Writing
Wanderlust World Guide Awards London (October 2014, Royal Geographical Society): Presenter/Interviewer
Basecamp Festival Peak District (September 2014): Inaugural speaker Best Walks in the World and Introduction to Travel Writing seminar
Adventure Travel Film Festival (Dorset, August 2014): Extreme Sleeps: Finding Adventure in your own backyard and Travel Writing and Getting Published workshops
Explorers Connect London (June 2014, The Spectator): Extreme Sleeps: UK adventures
Travel Insurance Insurance Industry Conference London (April 2014): Speaker – What is adventure travel and who is the adventure traveller?
Night of Adventure, University of London (March 2014): Extreme Sleeps
The Times Destinations Show London (February 2014, Stanfords Meet the Experts Theatre): Extreme Sleeps: UK adventures
Adventure Travel Show 2014: Extreme Sleeps: Finding adventure in the UK; 37 of the Best Walks in the World; Wanderlust Travel Writing Seminars
Adventure Travel Conference 2014: What is adventure travel (session moderator); Working with Tourist Boards (panel host/interviewer)
Tales of Adventure London (January 2014): Extreme Sleeps: Be a tourist in your own backyard
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards Presentation, St James's Palace (Nov 2013): Special Guest Presenter (pictured)
Take Better Travel Photos Workshop, London (Nov 2013): Taking travel photographs editors want to use
Night of Adventure, Leicester Square (September 2013): Extreme Sleeps: How to be a wild camper
Adventure Travel Film Festival (August 2013): Travel writing workshops
Destinations Show 2013: How to be a Travel Writer              
Adventure Travel Show 2013: Travel Writing Seminars