As you may have noticed if you follow Phoebe on Social Media – she has spent the last few weeks collecting stories from around Australia – from Queensland to Western Australia, to South Australia and Tasmania – all to be published in various outlets in the coming months.

To whet your appetite with what is to come, we’ve just got hold one of Phoebe’s article’s published in the Telegraph a couple of months ago.

Phoebe goes to any length to get a good tail – sorry, we mean tale

It’s a handy map that show’s Australia’s wonderful wildlife and tells you where and when to see it. Maybe you saw it in the newspaper. But even if you did – and especially if you didn’t – here’s a PDF¬†you can download and keep so that if you do find yourself in the land Down Under you know exactly where to go to follow in her footsteps.

Don’t sat we never give you anything… happy reading (and travels)!