It was somewhere in Chatham Sound that the rave began, a rhythmic sound of bass, slow and steady and echoing in my chest like my heartbeat. Above it a series of clicks sporadically joined in, with the occasional wail — and, indeed, the occasional whale — disrupting the regularity of the tune with looping melodies.

I wasn’t actually at a party, not a human one anyway, but out at sea in search of wildlife in the west Canadian province of British Columbia, just 70km from Alaska, and at that moment, surrounded by a 30-strong pod of rather musical orca.

So begins Phoebe’s latest travel article in The Times in which she goes on a mission to explore the little known region of Canada known as the Khutzeymateen.

A pod of at least 30 orca surround Phoebe’s boat © Phoebe Smith

The area was incredible for wild landscapes and wildlife sightings – with courting couples, cubs digging for clams, bald eagles and minks all spotted on the one week trip.

You can read the full story on The Times website here. And look out for more tales from this captivating part of Canada.