Anyone who's met Phoebe knows how much she likes to sleep in extreme places. She does it because she loves the exhilaration of spending a wild night out under the stars and being at one with nature.

But every year around 150,000 young people experience a problem – be it with their parents or step-parents – that results in homelessness, meaning they have no choice but to sleep rough. For them it is not fun, it is not exciting and at the end they don't get to go back to a warm home to share their stories.

So for the past few years Phoebe has worked with Centrepoint, the young people’s homeless charity. From giving up her Christmas to spend nights in the cold and extreme places, to doing a world first using portaledges and famous UK landmarks, she couples her love of the extremes with making a difference. To date she has raised over £42,000.