You’ll notice a definite theme amongst Phoebe’s books – sleeping outdoors, having mini-adventures and wilderness walking. Since 2012 she’s had 10 titles published.

She has also contributed to four other books too. While you can’t currently buy them directly from Phoebe, you can click the covers below to be directed through to the relevant page on Amazon, giving her about an extra penny (!) every time (and every little bit counts), so click away (or support your local bookshop)...

Wilderness Cookbook

Heading out into the wilds is incredible, but the food you eat when you go wild can be unimaginative - all pre-packed, dehydrated camping meals crammed with salt and colouring. Phoebe’s book, the first written specifically for wild campers, teaches you the tricks to make the tastiest food with limited ingredients and all at the lightest weight so that you can be assured of good food that won't break your back. Not only that but as any wild camper knows food is good, but where you eat it really adds that secret ingredient, so you’ll find the recipes divided up, not by type but by terrain. From coast to river, forest to mountain top – you can be assured you will eat well.

Travel Writer's Field Guide

Want to do what Phoebe does? The Travel Writer's Field Guide is an inspirational reference book – a guide to best practice in travel writing, how to write well, how to get published, with tips and advice from magazine editors, bloggers, award-winning journalists and broadcasters packaged up in a beautiful, inspirational and rugged book. This is a guide for anyone who travels. It is travel. The world is full of stories – and now you can write them…

Britain's Best Small Hills

Aka 60 of the best wild camping spots in the country! In this book Phoebe literally makes mountains out of molehills and urges you to take time to enjoy the little things in life. We're a society so consumed with the '-ests' highest, fastest, deadliest, but this book is different. Listing the best pint-sized peaks, it encourages you to pay attention to the bumps most often overlooked. Each one has maximum views for minimum effort, but, more than that there's legends, history, entrhalling geological features and even a mini-Matterhorn - all with maps, and info on how to get there, extra adrenaline highs, activities for kids, where to by food and much, much more...

Extreme Sleeps

“This book might just change your life!” says Britain’s best climber Leo Houlding. Through its pages read how wild camping changed Phoebe’s life as she takes you on her journey from mattress lover to wild sleeping addict. In it, following years of travelling abroad, she explores her own backyard with a traveller’s perspective and reignites a passion for her home country and its wildest corners.

Wild Nights

“A collection of irritating stories about a bint who doesn't wash that often” or “a great book you won’t want to put down” the Amazon reviewers are poles apart on this one, but what you definitely will find inside is Phoebe taking you along for the ride as she undertakes a set of three wild sleeping challenges across the UK, culminating with her becoming the first person to sleep at all the extreme points of mainland Britain.

Wilderness Weekends

Affectionately called (by Phoebe) ‘The Lazy Adventurer’s Handbook’, this book offers 26 ready-made escapades – all easily fittable into a weekend and all including a really cool place to spend the night – from beaches, to bothies, boulders to caves. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to get there, maps, local info on where to buy supplies and public transport options.

Book of the Bothy

Hidden away in the hills and mountains of Britain – for years known only to a lucky few – is a network of shelters. Completely free to use, these secretive refuges can be life-savers, quick stops and destinations in themselves. Phoebe offers an introduction to some of the best bothies in the UK – from Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons, Lake District, Pennines, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and Northumberland – with maps and walking routes to 26 of them alongside vignettes of her own experiences. There are also notes on legends and landscape, wildlife and history, as well as expert guidance and tips on how to make use of these stone tents.

Joy of Camping

Looking for a perfect gift for fans of life under canvas? This hard-backed, pocket-sized book is crammed full of tent-based miscellany from campsite critters to finding the perfect pitch, bushcraft basics, camping hall of fame and more. You’ll even get to discover what kind of camper you are too…

The Camper's Friend

Read the book that kick-started the rest. Sure, you might already know a lot about camping, have read the others, and don’t really need it. But it’s illustrated, hard-backed, includes the complete history of camping, the origin of sleeping outside, tells you how to organise your campsite kitchen, distract your complaining children, be able to tell a male and female deer apart simply from their hoof prints – plus there’s even a chapter called Tent-er-Tainment. What more could you possibly need?

The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path

Thinking of tackling your first long-distance trail? Then walk this way… At just 96miles long this is the perfect starter route, which combines deer-rich heathland and flint-built houses with the big skies, red cliffs and military history of the Norfolk Coast. Better yet you can complete it all in a single week, using public transport to get you to the start and finish points and feast on fish, chips and ice-cream on route. The best British LDP out there…

Books Phoebe also appears in:

The Irresponsible Traveller

Read about Phoebe’s rum-fuelled escapade in Cuba, when she was caught in the underbelly of Hurricane Rita, while trapped in her idea of hell – an all-inclusive resort. Also features tales from Michael Palin, Dervla Murphy, Ben Fogle and more…

Roam Alone

You know Phoebe loves going solo, but on an expedition cruise – due to booking a bed not a room – it can often mean that travelling alone means travelling with a stranger. Read about her most nerve-wrecking 3-week trip as she crosses the Antarctic Circle.

Grand Adventures

See a couple of Phoebe’s photos and read about her ‘Everyday’ adventure lifestyle in which she does her damndest to squeeze every ounce of wildness out of every hour in the day… all in Al’s collection of inspiring tales of adventurers.