Think safari and you can’t help but see the pound signs flash before your eyes as you imagine all the money you’ll have to spend on a trip to Africa – but there’s another way – right here in Britain, thanks to our very varied terrain. From coast to forest, riverside to wetlands, mountain to moorland, we have an abundance of native and migrating wildlife just waiting to be spotted.

For Camping and Caravanning Club magazine, Phoebe grabbed her telephoto lens and went in search of our own wildlife hotspots here in Britain…

Otters are just one of several superb wildlife species you can watch right here in Britain ©Phoebe Smith

From marine mammals, to birds, bugs and boar – Phoebe tells you where you can take your tarp and set up with the best chance of spotting them. Read all about it here.

Keep your eyes peeled when camping and you could spot one of our cute countryside critters ©Phoebe Smith