Going Wild in Australia

July 29, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

As you may have noticed if you follow Phoebe on Social Media – she has spent the last few weeks collecting stories from around Australia – from Queensland to Western Australia, to South Australia and Tasmania – all to be published in various outlets in the coming months. To whet your appetite with what is … Read More

Dropping off, sleeping bags and sleep storytelling

July 27, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

“Well, I never thought a daughter of mine would be centre spread in the Daily Star…” so wrote Phoebe’s dad when he sent her this article he saw in the British tabloids. A few corrections need to be made: Phoebe didn’t sleep dangling from Clifton Suspension Bridge (she asked but they said no – ‘they’d … Read More

Finding Canada’s Bear Necessities

July 26, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

It was somewhere in Chatham Sound that the rave began, a rhythmic sound of bass, slow and steady and echoing in my chest like my heartbeat. Above it a series of clicks sporadically joined in, with the occasional wail — and, indeed, the occasional whale — disrupting the regularity of the tune with looping melodies. … Read More

Sex on the Reef

July 26, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

“Is that a… a… giant condom?” Perhaps not the question you’d expect to ask a stranger over dinner, but then this was no normal supper-time gathering… Discover who Phoebe was talking to and just what on earth she was looking at when she asks this question in her latest Wander Woman column for Wanderlust.co.uk   … Read More

More manatees!

July 11, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Yep, ever since falling in love with these friendly creatures back in January when she went swimming with them in Crystal River, Florida, Phoebe has been on a mission to get everyone to feel as passionate as her. We recently saw one of the longest and most deadly incident of Red Tide happening in the … Read More

Choose this year’s most pioneering woman in travel

July 1, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Phoebe has been nominated by the editors of Telegraph Travel for the Everywoman in Travel Awards’ Pioneer in Travel 2019. This is ‘a special recognition award to honour a female travel pioneer whose wanderlust has inspired others to broaden their travel horizons’. Phoebe has been chosen for her travel articles, broadcasts and charity challenges from which … Read More

Phoebe and Cerys head to the roof of Wales

June 30, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Back in February half-term Phoebe took Cerys to climb Snowdon in North Wales as (despite being a proud Welsh woman) the Catatonia front woman and BBC Radio 6 and 2 presenter had never stepped foot on its highest peak. Kitting Cerys and the kids out at Cotswold Outdoor (thanks guys) pre-trip Phoebe joined them for … Read More

Wander Woman Episode 2 – Now Live

June 14, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Episode 2 of Phoebe’s Wander Woman Podcast is now available to listen to and download. In her  monthly, audio travel magazine she takes you to off-the-beaten track places, reveals wild spaces in unlikely destinations, discovers the world’s best wildlife encounters and meets the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts and grills a travel celebrity every month. Episode … Read More

Why we all need the right to sleep wild

June 13, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

In May 2019 Phoebe heard about a scheme being piloted to charge people to wild camp in some of the UK’s National Parks. It was done quietly, without much hoopla, under the guise of ‘opening up’ our protected outdoor spaces for more people. Of course by doing this the opposite was actually true. That’s because … Read More

Easter Island Blog – Now live on Calm

June 13, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

So you’ve been lulled to sleep by Phoebe’s Exploring Easter Island ‘Sleep Story’ on the Calm app – now read about the adventure behind it in her article Amid the Moai. As part of her ongoing role as Sleep Storyteller-in-Residence, every month she writes a blog for calm.com telling an otherwise untold story about her … Read More