Learning to let go

January 12, 2018By Phoebe SmithGuides

This story is all about ice skating. But, really, it’s about a whole lot more… There’s a photograph of me at my dad’s house taken when I was 12-years-old. I’m wearing a Jurassic Park T-Shirt and purple jeans (my fashion sense was well-developed even back then, you see) and a pair of hired white ice … Read More

The Kindness of Strangers

June 4, 2017By Phoebe SmithGuides

Cycle commuting was something I looked forward to, giving me space and time to think. But, one evening, that all changed… “Are you ok?” Her words rang around in my head for several seconds while I tried desperately to make sense of them. It had all happened so very quickly. One minute I’d been riding … Read More

5 Best Winter Wild Camp Spots

January 30, 2017By Phoebe SmithGuides

When temperatures start to plummet and the threat of frost and snow lingers in the air, most people pack away the tent. But not me… Hoarfrost coated my tent like an alien exo-skeleton, criss-crossing the green nylon in a web of ice. At the foot of my porch door my hiking boots sat, frozen to … Read More

Kit List: What’s in my Go Bag?

January 30, 2017By Phoebe SmithGuides

Always packed and ready for an adventure by the front door – pack your Go Bag, watch the weather and remove any excuses to keep you from heading out for a wild night… I’ll never forget the first time I was packing for a solo wild camp. My living room floor was covered in every … Read More

Wild Camping: The basics

January 30, 2017By Phoebe SmithGuides

Want to leave the paid-for pitches of a campsite behind to try something a little more wild? Here’s what you need to know first… There are few experiences that can rival the excitement and the freedom of sleeping in a wild place. With fresh air filling your lungs, the grass as your mattress and the … Read More