Why bog shoes are a game-changer

June 7, 2019By Phoebe SmithBlog

Phoebe was in Estonia last month for The Times. While there, the tourist board made a short video about experiencing a traffic jam – the Estonian Way. It’s well worth a look to see a behind the scenes glance of Phoebe in action and – more importantly – the spectacular bog scenery in Kõnnu Suursoo. … Read More

Learning to let go

January 12, 2018By Phoebe SmithBlog

This story is all about ice skating. But, really, it’s about a whole lot more… There’s a photograph of me at my dad’s house taken when I was 12-years-old. I’m wearing a Jurassic Park T-Shirt and purple jeans (my fashion sense was well-developed even back then, you see) and a pair of hired white ice … Read More

The Kindness of Strangers

June 4, 2017By Phoebe SmithBlog

Cycle commuting was something I looked forward to, giving me space and time to think. But, one evening, that all changed… “Are you ok?” Her words rang around in my head for several seconds while I tried desperately to make sense of them. It had all happened so very quickly. One minute I’d been riding … Read More