Night Vision Success!

October 20, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Phoebe is pleased to report that on 10th October, 2019 she and her co-conspirator in adventure – Dr John Pike – successfully completed their Night Vision Challenge – a 300mile, nocturnal kayak around Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire to raise money and awareness for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance (for whom John is an emergency doctor). … Read More

Phoebe on the BBC – Why do we love to camp?

October 19, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

From instant messaging, to online shopping and even smart fridges, we live in a connected age where all of life’s essentials can be obtained at the click of a button. So why do so many people ditch the trappings of modern life and head off into the countryside with a tent? In her latest project … Read More

Phoebe launches sustainable clothing store

October 14, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Are you a Wander Woman – or know one in your life? Do you fancy wearing a killer t-shirt and helping support Phoebe’s work to take young, underprivileged young people to Antarctica on a carbon negative expedition. Well, now you can… Phoebe has launched a store selling a range of t-shirts and tote bags that … Read More

A Very British Safari

October 8, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Think safari and you can’t help but see the pound signs flash before your eyes as you imagine all the money you’ll have to spend on a trip to Africa – but there’s another way – right here in Britain, thanks to our very varied terrain. From coast to forest, riverside to wetlands, mountain to … Read More

I would like to thank…

October 7, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

It’s that time in the travel industry year – award season! And we are pleased to announce that Phoebe has been shortlisted for five. The first is for Specialist Travel Writer of the Year, for her writing about wildlife conservation. Some pieces of her work that were considered are – Re-wilding Australia, Saving Nepal’s Vultures, … Read More

Take me to the river…

October 3, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

“I’m going to ask you to keep your head torches switched off,” my guide Tony stated as our little boat slowly drifted towards what I hoped, in the darkness of predawn, was a stable river bank. It was a little after 5am and the only light came from the pinpricks of the stars. So begins … Read More

And she’s off: Night Vision Challenge

September 29, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Phoebe has, this evening – Sunday, September 29, 2019 – set off on her 300-mile night kayak with her friend and co-conspirator in adventure Dr John Pike. They left from Benson in Oxfordshire bound to follow an anti-clockwise route around the waterways that make up the entire patch that Thames Valley Air Ambulance (who John … Read More

Gone but not forgotten!

September 28, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

This month Phoebe put in an appearance… back on Trail magazine’s cover. On the front of the October issue, Phoebe can be seen scrambling along the edges of An Teallach in the Fisherfield Forest in Scotland’s North-West Highlands. Just goes to show, you can take the girl off the mountain magazine, but you can never … Read More

Masters of our Minds

September 27, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

In the last month Phoebe has been exploring ways to help us be more mindful in our travels – from camping trips to the perfect destinations to slow down and live in the moment. As Sleep Storyteller-in-Residence at Calm, she finds herself increasingly trying to notice everything when she travels on assignment. Back in the … Read More

Rewilding Australia

August 29, 2019By Phoebe SmithNews

Think of Australia and a flood of images spring to mind. From the vast expanse of the Red Centre, with Uluru as its crowning glory, to great swathes of bushland, clear, fish-filled seas fringed with deserted beaches, and ancient rainforests alive with birdsong, everything points to this being a wild, untouched country. So begins Phoebe’s … Read More